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Slip and Fall Injuries

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Legal Guidance for Premise-Related Accidents

Property owners must make sure that their premise is safe for their visitors. Any accident caused due to lack of safety measures in a property will make the property owner responsible for the mishap. Get in touch with the lawyers at Lloyd Law Office to help you with any fall or injury due to unsafe premises.

Duties of Property Owners

  • Maintain the property in a safe condition

  • Warn visitors of any hazards

  • Responsibility of the owner is higher if the injured person was invited, for example, a customer, social guest, etc.


According to Indiana law, a person who has permission to be on the property but is not there to do business or as a social guest is owed a lesser responsibility. Trespassers assume more responsibility for their own injuries and are owed the least duty of care. If the trespasser is a child and the property owner left his or her property accessible to curious children, then he or she is responsible.

Filing A Claim

  • We first determine who is to be held responsible - a homeowner, a business owner, a landlord, a tenant, a church, or a school

  • We then determine the relationship of the injured person to the responsible party

  • Evidence will be gathered to prove that the responsible party was in the know of such hazardous conditions and failed to act or warn the injured party

Premises liability claims are complicated since they are very case-specific. Always consult a lawyer for such claims. Fill out our form to request a consultation.

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