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Have you been in a car accident? Don't worry, Lloyd Law Office has got you covered. A car accident can leave you with lasting injuries, mounting medical bills, and affect your work life. If another driver was responsible for the accident then don't forget to seek compensation for your losses. Call us today.

How Do We Help You?

Bill Lloyd and Matt Lloyd, our attorneys, have more than 50 years of combined legal experience. Our clients include ordinary, hardworking people. As the car accident attorney Bloomington, IN relies on, we offer personalized legal services.


Serious car accidents are investigated by law enforcement and they determine who was responsible. Though a police report may provide good evidence, the police do not determine who is civilly liable for a car crash. This means that you will have to convince the insurance company to get your claim. To make this job easy, you must seek legal help. We will not charge you until we procure the claim money for you. 


The experienced lawyers at Lloyd Law Office with all their expertise will help investigate the cause of your accident and document the losses and argue for full and fair compensation from the insurance company. 


Never make the mistake of accepting the insurance company's settlement. Always consult an accident attorney in Bloomington, IN when you need expert legal assistance. The amount you might receive might be much lesser than you actually deserve for your losses.

The Evidences We Collect Include

  • Eyewitness testimony

  • The accident report from the police

  • Pictures of the accident scene, vehicle damage, and injuries

  • Healthcare documents and work records

  • Cell phone records and other receipts

  • Black boxes or event data recorders

  • Insurance coverage details

Car Accident Statistics in Indiana

In 2011, a total of 188,132 traffic collisions resulting in injury and property damage has occurred in Indiana, an average of 515 per day. In Monroe County, it was 3,915 crashes or 11 per day. Sadly, car accidents are quite common on our roads and it can happen to anyone. 


There could be many reasons for accidents that are primarily due to driver error.

  • Speeding - In 2011, there were 17,517 cases of speeding-related accidents

  • Drunk driving - In 2011, 20% of traffic collisions were due to drunk driving

  • Drowsy driving - In 2011, accidents due to sleep deprivation were to the tune of 1,397

  • Distracted driving - Around 6,373 accidents in Indiana were due to distracted driving, including 500 accidents due to cell phone use

Six Mistakes You Should Not Make

Don't harm your chances of being fairly compensated due to these common mistakes a person involved in a car accident tends to make.

  • Apologizing: Saying sorry might be the polite thing to do after an accident but it might harm your chance of getting suitably compensated

  • Failure in taking pictures: Always take a picture of the accident scene, the damage, and your injuries. Take a picture of your odometer to prove the condition of your car. Taking pictures of the airbags will show the impact of the crash. 

  • Failure to notify your insurance company: Some policies require you to notify your insurance company within 24 hours of an accident. Not doing so would hamper your chance of getting your claim amount

  • Not seeking help from a qualified lawyer: Always consult a car accident attorney in Bloomington, IN or your local area. At the Lloyd Law Office, our attorneys have the necessary experience in dealing with accident claims. We deal with minor neck and back injuries to life-threatening injuries and wrongful death claims.


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