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Boating Accident Attorneys

Lake Monroe and Lake Lemon has seen a lot of boating-related accidents because of negligence and recklessness. Boating accidents can be due to falling overboard, collision, on-board fires, drowning, or hypothermia. Get expert help for such boating accident claims by scheduling an appointment at Lloyd Law Office. We have a "no recovery, no fee" policy. Call us today.

Top Reasons for Recreational Boating Accidents

  • Weather

  • Force of wave or wake

  • Alcohol use

  • Excessive speed

  • Improper lookout

  • Operator inattention

  • Operator inexperience

  • Machinery failure

  • Navigation rules violation

  • Hazardous waters


We investigate boating accidents in Indiana to determine who was responsible for the mishap. We also help pursue claims against negligent boat operators or owners.


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