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Get the Best Legal Advice on Personal Injuries from Lloyd Law Office

Although you may not want to think about it, there will likely come a time when you need the legal services of an experienced attorney. When that time comes, you need to ensure that the attorney you choose is trustworthy and well-versed in the area of the law that you need help with. They should also have your best interest at heart.

At Lloyd Law Office, you can rest assured that we check all of those boxes and many more. As the personal injury attorney Bloomington, IN and nearby towns trust, our office uses over 50 years of combined legal experience to settle a variety of cases. Whether you’ve just been in a car accident or you need to file a dog bite injury claim, our attorneys can help you.


When you need the best personal injury lawyer Bloomington, IN and the surrounding area has to offer, contact Bill and Matt Lloyd at Lloyd Law Office. Call us at (812) 330-2033 or request a meeting with our online form today.

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What We Do

car with a dent in the bumper

Car Accident Injuries

The attorneys at Lloyd Law Office will help you get your car accident claims. We don't believe in misleading our clients. We tell it as it is. Call us today for free legal advice!

truck being towed

Truck accident injuries can be traumatic. Don't lose out on the opportunity to get your rightful compensation for any truck-related injuries. We offer a same-day appointment.

Truck Accident Injuries

dog biting

File a dog bite injury claim with the help of our qualified attorneys. From property damage to PTSD, you can file a wide variety of claims as per your specific case.

Dog Bite Injuries

Bike accident

Bike Accident Injuries

Bicycle accidents can be painful and the claim procedure can be even more painful. Let the experienced attorneys help you with your bicycle accident claim.

Person crossing street

Hit and run cases can be tricky to deal with when it comes to filing for compensation. Consult our attorneys to learn more about your legal options.

Pedestrian Accident Injuries

Boat on water

Have you been involved in a boating accident recently? We investigate your specific case to identify the people responsible for it and provide the necessary legal help.

Boating Accident Injuries


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