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Attorney Bill Lloyd

Now retired, Bill Lloyd enjoyed a long and satisfying career serving his clients, his community, and the citizens of Indiana.

He received his undergraduate degree, with distinction, from the Indiana University School of Business in 1964 and then combined studies for a law degree and an MBA from Indiana University, receiving his J.D. in 1967 and his MBA a year later.

While in law school, Lloyd began to lay the foundation for his legal career by clerking at a Bloomington law firm. After getting his J.D., Lloyd joined the Ferguson law firm and became deputy prosecutor for Monroe County.

In 1972, Dr. Otis R. (Doc) Bowen was elected Governor, and Lloyd was selected to join his administration as an Executive Assistant, essentially serving as the liaison between the Governor and various agencies. He remained in that job for nearly five years.

Ultimately, Lloyd launched his own law firm, and his son, Matt, joined him in 2003.

Throughout his career, Lloyd has maintained a primary focus on personal-injury law and built a reputation for his successes as an advocate for people who have been hurt.

Along the way, he’s found that experience has proven to be a valuable ally.

“One of the real pleasures I have at this stage is knowing all of the insurance-company strategies for claim denial and how to navigate a client through those successfully,” he says. “It really is satisfying when you can at least be a good part of the answer for clients. It’s enjoyable to think that you’ve actually done something to be of help to them.”

Personal-injury law continues to be the primary focus of the firm, but Lloyd says that he and his son see to it that clients are served in other ways if needed.

“Once we have an Attorney-Client relationship, we look upon it as a lifetime of being on call,” he says. “It’s not just ‘do the case and it’s over’ because we help families solve a variety of concerns.“

Lloyd’s commitment to the community is likewise ongoing. While he is no longer working in the public sector, his commitment and involvement remains an important part of his life.

He serves as volunteer counsel to the Brown County Community Foundation. In addition, the Lloyd family has created the Environmental Leadership Fund for that organization for recognizing individuals and organizations who contribute to causes and projects that enhance the quality of life in the county.

When he’s not practicing law or doing volunteer community work, Lloyd enjoys spending time with his family, which includes four grandchildren.

Bill Lloyd
Matt Lloyd

Public Offices Held:

  • Executive Assistant to Indiana Governor Otis R. Bowen, M.D. January 1973 to June 1978
  • Administrative Assistant to Indiana Governor Edgar D. Whitcomb 1972
  • Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, Monroe Circuit and Superior Courts 1968 to 1972