The best way to find out is to call our office for a free consultation. Since all cases are different with unique facts and circumstances, there is no standard way to know how you can benefit from talking with an injury lawyer.

A free consultation with a Lloyd Law Office attorney will include:

  • A review of the facts and circumstances of the accident, personal injury, product liability, wrongful death, slip and fall, or medical negligence.
  • A discussion of how the law applies to your injury in Indiana.
  • Consideration of what injuries were caused.
  • Consideration of what medical care will be required.
  • Discussion of what future health complications, expenses, and lost wages are possible.
  • Discussion about your property damage.
  • Discussion of what would be a fair and total dollar amount for compensation for what has happened to you and all the related consequences.
  • What will be the liability insurance company’s attitude and claim handling strategies as to your claim? Do they want your tape recorded statement about the accident?

Also, consider how you should choose a lawyer. You should meet with your attorney in person in order to develop a relationship of trust and confidence. You should consider the lawyer’s experience and professional reputation. Certainly, as a potential client, you want to be comfortable and confident.

The proposed fee agreement is also a consideration. A fair and reasonable fee agreement is expected by both the client and the lawyer. In an injury claim, it is customary for there to be no fee unless and until the claim is paid. Part of the money is then paid to the lawyer as a reasonable fee for the results accomplished. As part of a lawyer and client relationship, you should also reach agreement on how costs and expenses are handled. Frequently, the lawyer will advance payments for court costs and expenses of litigation where repayment is made from the client’s part of the recovery after the attorney’s fees are calculated. All of this attorney/client arrangement and relationship is subject to a negotiated agreement which should be spelled out in writing, reviewed, and signed by a lawyer and the client.

What is fair and reasonable as to the lawyer fee depends on the particular circumstances of the accident and injury and the necessary lawyer’s work that will bring about the best results for you. Selecting a reasonable fee arrangement is always to serve your best interest. That is the first priority.

Since your accident and injury claim is important enough for you to be reading this information, the claim is also important enough for you to make use of a FREE consultation. Call us anytime at 812-330-2033 to discuss your case.