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Property owners in Bloomington and across Indiana are responsible for taking reasonable steps to ensure their property is safe for visitors. If you suffered a slip and fall or other injury on another person’s property and your injury could have been prevented by proper upkeep, you may have a premises liability claim. It’s a good idea to let an Indiana premises liability lawyer review the specifics of your accident free of charge and explain your legal rights.

The lawyers at Lloyd Law Office focus on helping injury victims and their families recover from falls and other premises liability accidents in Bloomington, Bedford, Linton, Martinsville and throughout Indiana. Our clients are ordinary people dealing with an injury caused by another’s carelessness. They trust us because of our 50 years of combined legal experience in handling injury claims. We’ll use our experience to help you.

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What are the Duties of Property Owners in Bloomington

In Indiana, property owners including private homeowners and business owners have a legal duty to maintain their property in safe condition and to warn visitors of any hazards.  The level of responsibility that the property owner owes depends on the status of the injured victim. The property owner’s duty of reasonable care is generally higher if the injury victim is a customer visiting a business or a social guest who was visiting the property by invitation.

A customer in a grocery store or a social guest at a private home is considered an invitee, under Indiana law. Typically, the property owner or possessor of property has the greatest responsibility to an invitee.

A person who has permission to be on the property but is not there to do business or as a social guest is owed a lesser responsibility. For example, if a person receives permission to go fishing or hunting on another person’s property, the sportsman would be a licensee. The property owner has less responsibility to maintain the property in safe condition under these circumstances.

A trespasser is someone who enters another person’s property without permission. Trespassers assume more responsibility for their own injuries and are owed the least duty of care. The law provides an exception for children who trespass and are injured or drown, for example, by falling in a neighbor’s swimming pool. A property owner may be responsible for injuries to a child if the property was left accessible to curious children and was what is known as “an attractive nuisance.”

Filing A Premises Liability Claim

To bring a successful premises liability claim, we’ll first determine who should be held responsible—a homeowner, a business owner, a landlord, a tenant, a church or a school.  We’ll determine the injured person’s relationship to the responsible party. Then we will gather evidence to prove that the responsible party knew of the hazardous conditions and failed to take reasonable steps to remove the danger or warn visitors.

As you can tell, premises liability claims are complicated and very fact specific. It’s important to have an Indiana attorney who has handled numerous slip and fall claims and premises liability claims to evaluate your accident and potential claim.

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