dog-bite-victims-rising-payout-imageEven as the number of insurance claims resulting from dog bites has remained more or less constant, the size of the claims has risen dramatically.

According to data analyzed by the Insurance Information Institute, the total value of all dog bite claims filed across the country in 2012 was close to $490 million, Time magazine recently reported. In contrast, the total value of all dog bite claims was just over $324 million in 2003, even though more claims were filed that year.

The average dog bite payout in 2012 was approximately $29,752, compared with $19,162 in 2003.

The increase in claim values could be linked to more severe injuries, resulting from the increasing popularity of breeds like pit bulls and Rottweilers.

Pit bulls, Rottweilers and certain other aggressive breeds are often linked to very severe types of injuries. During a pit bull attack, the animal may simply clamp its jaws around the victim’s flesh and not let go until someone actually uses a tool to pry the animal’s jaws apart. The resulting injuries could be especially severe, leading to a higher insurance claim.

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